The rangefinder modules exploit pulsed time of flight technology and they are designed to operate reliably  under varying environmental conditions.

Compact eye safe laser rangefinder modules featuring ranging capability from several kilometers to beyond 30 km for various applications from versatile systems to handheld devices.

Laser Rangefinder Modules

The Noptel family of rangefinder modules offers capability from mid-range up to ultra long range.


General Performance

  • Ranging capability beyond 30 km
  • Measurement rates 1 – 500 Hz
  • Precision 0.01 – 0.5 m

Electrical & Optical Characteristics

  • Laser pulse flight time measurement 
  • Eye safe, wavelengths 905/1550 nm
  • Low power consumption
  • Battery operation enabled


  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Lightweight and compact, weight 34 – 250 g

Typical Applications

Use Cases

  • Reconnaissance

  • Observation and surveillance

  • Border and port control

  • Off shore rescue 
  • Surveying

Devices & Systems

  • Handheld devices

  • Drone & UAV gimbals

  • Naval systems

  • Vehicle mounted systems

  • Sights

Technical Specifications

Ultra Long Range Modules

LRX-20A, LRX-25A and LRX-42A represent compact ultra long range laser rangefinder modules in Noptel LRF module family. 

These eye safe and light weight modules applying 1.5 μm wavelength feature ranging capability beyond 30 km.

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Long Range Modules

LRF-15A and LRF421 represent small and powerful light weight modules applying 1.5 μm wavelength and featuring ranging capability up to 12 km. 

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Mid Range Modules

LRF125, LRF126 and LRF127 represent ultra compact and tiny laser rangefinder modules in Noptel LRF module family.

These eye safe and extremely light weight modules applying 905 nm / 1.5 μm wavelengths feature ranging capability up to 4.5 km.

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