Point Cloud Examples

Motorway Traffic

LineLIDAR sensors are increasingly being applied in motorways for a wide variety of applications including traffic monitoring, vehicle detection and roadway condition assessment. Their ability to create high-resolution 3D point clouds of the environment makes them particularly well-suited for these applications.

One of the main benefits of using LineLIDAR sensors in motorways is their ability to capture detailed information about traffic flow and behavior. By analyzing the 3D point cloud data, it is possible to observe the shape and the speed of an individual vehicle, detect accidents or incidents and monitor congestion levels in real-time.

The first video demonstrates a measurement realized above motorway E75, where speed limit was 100 km/h. Applied sampling rates were 200 Hz and 400 Hz. The second video shows examples of how the LineLIDAR sensor can be applied for open road tolling.

It is important to note that use of LineLIDAR sensors at motorways can be challenging due to the factors such as weather conditions or ambient lighting. As with any technology, it is important to carefully evaluate its suitability for the desired application and environment before implementing it.


Urban City

LineLIDAR sensors offer new possibilities for a wide range of applications in urban environments. By rotating the LineLIDAR sensor a 360-degree view of the surrounding environment can be captured.

Here are some possible ideas:

Urban Planning and Development - LineLIDAR sensors enable accurate and detailed mapping of urban areas including buildings, infrastructure and terrain. This data can be applied for urban planning, designing transportation networks and assessing the impact of new developments on the surrounding environment.

Emergency Response and Disaster Management - LineLIDAR sensors provide rapid and accurate data for emergency response in urban areas. They can assist in assessing damage, identifying hazardous areas and facilitating rescue operations during disasters.





Forest Study

This is an example of forest scanning realized at the backyard of Noptel. We want to share this video with you showcasing our new LineLIDAR sensor's capabilities.

The video demonstrates a measurement realized with our LineLIDAR sensor that creates a point cloud presented as a 3D model. We are extremely proud of this technology and believe it has the potential to provide significant benefits to many industries, such as construction and forestry. 

You may see in the video that a trunk of a tree can be clearly seen through the leaves. This is an interesting new possibility to study forest quantity, volume, growth and trunk thickness  - You name it!

We hope the video gives you a better understanding of our LineLIDAR technology and its potential. It would be great if you could share your thoughts and experiences on how this technology could benefit your applications.


These 3D point clouds have been captured in a public caf√© and typical office applying LineLIDAR sensor and commercial angle encoder or rotation equipment for creating a smooth movement.


In the last point cloud our project team says hello to all our customers. Switch video playback quality setting to HD and use full screen mode in order to see 2D line scan in this clip.


In fact, there are so many possibilities for using such point clouds that we won't even try to imagine them all - from now on, it's yours too !