Support for Legacy Products

Shooter Training Software

For Sport II device:

 NOS Sport - v.2.0.1, Released 28th June 2016 (ZIP 10.5 MB)

For MilTrainer II and Sport II devices:

 NOS4 - v.4.5.3, Released 24th April 2017 (ZIP 8.6 MB)

For legacy ST-2000 series device:

 NOS4 - v.4.208, Released 21st Feb 2011 (ZIP 8.7 MB)

CM / CMP / Speeder Sensors

A Windows program for configuring CM product family sensors:

 CM Configuration software - v., Released 29th Dec 2021 (ZIP 4 MB)

API Guides and Technical manuals:

 Documentation package (ZIP 7 MB)

  CM3 and CM5 product family options and sensor identification.