Traffic information

Traffic information Noptel laser radars provide versatile alternatives to measure fast and reliably various information concerning the passing traffic flow. The acquired traffic information is delivered to the control center or control unit via serial or Ethernet communication or radio link.

Noptel laser radars measure independently and automatically the required traffic information and the radar operation is easily configured to collect and deliver required data. They are applicable for fixed, mobile and hand held systems, which collect traffic related information measuring both approaching and departing vehicles.

Typical provided information e.g.:

Traffic information
  • Vehicle speed
  • Vehicle count
  • Snow quantity
  • Average speed
  • Road occupancy
  • Congestion, flow rate
  • Tailgating, safety distance
  • Distance between vehicles
  • Over height vehicle warning
  • Queue detection and warning
  • Vehicle type, size, length, height
  • Vehicle profile and classification


Installation The compact and small size Noptel laser radar can be placed into the camera housing together with the camera pointing to the same direction. However, thanks to the delayed camera triggering feature the Noptel laser radar can be pointed further on the road than the camera, which captures the image of the violating vehicle when required.


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