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Intersection control

Intersection Intersection control may comprise many different types of measurement issues. The Noptel laser radars detect the presence of a vehicle at the opposite side of the intersection and measure simultaneously the speed and the movement of a vehicle during the red lights are on.

Therefore, e.g. vehicles standing on a crosswalk are detected and vehicles driving towards red light or speeding or turning wrong direction are captured.

Sub applications e.g.:

  • Red light violation Intersection 2
  • Crosswalk violation
  • Speed measurement
  • Turning lights control
  • Left turn occupancy
  • Vehicle size measurement
  • Vehicle presence detection


The compact and small size Noptel laser radar can be placed into the camera housing together with the camera pointing to the same direction at intersection. However, thanks to the delayed camera triggering feature the Noptel laser radar can be pointed further to the opposite side of the intersection than the camera, which captures then the image of the violating vehicle at the intersection.

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