LPR camera triggering

LPR camera An application for Noptel laser radar is vehicle detection, when a vehicle is approaching LPR camera or driving away from it. The operation principle is to measure the distance to a vehicle fast and to use this distance information to define the exact triggering moment.

Typical sensor installation locates five to seven meters above the road, looking forward and down at the road. When a vehicle enters the triggering area defined by the parameters, the sensor sends a pulse to the camera. Depending on the installation the triggering accuracy in such cases can be as high as 5-10 cm (or one millisecond).


  • Approaching and departing vehicles
  • One or several triggering windows
  • User defined trigger pulse operation
  • Enables delayed camera triggering
  • Fixed, tripod or hand held installation
  • Single lane or multilane measurement
  • Accurate and reliable LPR camera 2
  • Simple to maintain
  • Easy to install
  • Eye safe


The compact and small size Noptel laser radar can be placed into the camera housing together with the camera pointing to the same direction. However, thanks to the delayed camera triggering feature the Noptel laser radar can be pointed further on the road than the camera.

Therefore, the operating distance of the camera doesn’t restrict the operating distance of the Noptel laser radar and the triggering window of the laser radar can be defined to the desired distance (typically to 30 – 40 m).

Experience: Laser trigger & LPR camera


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