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Traffic Control

Traffic control The compact and lightweight Noptel laser radars represent a perfect choice for a variety of tasks in traffic control and law enforcement. The ease of installation, adaptivity, multifunctionality and maintainability make the sensors attractive for both OEM system integrators and end users. They are applicable for fixed installations and portable systems as well as for measuring both approaching and departing vehicles. The watertight nitrogen filled casing ensures reliable operation under varying temperature and environmental conditions.


  • Applicable for outdoor use in harsh environments
  • For OEM system integrators and end users
  • Easy to adapt to a camera system
  • Simple to install and maintain CMP51
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Low power consumption
  • Multifunctional
  • Eye safe
  • For single and multilane applications
  • For fixed, mobile and hand held systems
  • For above road and side of the road measurements
  • For approaching and departing vehicles

Typical applications:

  • Speed violation control Traffic application
  • Vehicle detection and counting
  • LPR/ANPR camera triggering
  • Vehicle classification
  • Intersection control
  • Cross walk violation control
  • Red light violation control
  • Safety distance control
  • Queue / congestion control
  • Toll road and tunnel control
  • Over-height vehicle detection
  • Traffic information systems
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