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Rifle Shooting Training Devices

Expert at rifle Noptel offers the latest technology based on years of experience with military users. Noptel training systems can be used in the class room, indoor range, out-door shooting range or in the field. The system and the units are fully portable and can be set up anywhere in a short time. The operation does not require special expertise. The shooting instructor can handle the whole process together with the trainees.

FN Expert is the latest product for military marksmanship training. It is a multi-operable and robust unit for simulated training and real training with ring targets and silhouettes up to 75 meters using a single prism only - and with extra reflectors up to 150 meters.

Expert front

FN Expert is rugged and portable, which can be used both stand-alone or with wireless Bluetooth connection. Furthermore, a standard USB connection is available.

Display at the back of the FN Expert device provides the shooter instant feedback when FN Expert is operated as a stand-alone device. During stand-alone use shots are stored into an internal memory of the device.

Expert back

Downloading of the shots after action can easily be done with application software.

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