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Pile driving monitoring

PJS Set The piles are nowadays extensively used to support structures. In the present era of tall residential towers the columns are subjected to very heavy loads necessitating large diameter piles going up to the rock for transferring the applied load to adequate stratum.

PJS Set With such a rapid growth in the deployment of piles as a foundation system it is essential to have a quick, reliable and economical method of ensuring the quality of workmanship and the adequacy of the loads.


Since the early days of piling the pile dynamic formulas are utilized to decide the termination of piles. These formulas are based on the laws governing the dynamic impact of elastic bodies. The exploitation of these formulas requires an extremely sensitive measuring facility, which can measure minute movement of the pile.

Noptel contribution:

Noptel manufactures measuring devices utilizing infrared light to measure such movements with the minute accuracy. The method exploits non-contact optical device, which measures the pile movement in vertical direction during the impact from a distance of 8 to 20 m.

The reference for this measurement is a small reflector attached onto the pile. The concerned PJS device measures the pile’s displacement and dynamic curve during the impact and calculates necessary values for decision making.

PDM system available by FSG:

Australian company Foundation Specialists Group exploits the Noptel PJS device in their PDM system for pile driving dynamics measurement.

The pile driving monitor is sold by AFT:


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