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Modern laser technology diversifies and improves rail quality

Tamping machine The Noptel laser alignment system is dedicated for the rail tamping machines and measurement coaches. With this system the rail profile is measured both in horizontal and in vertical direction to guarantee the precise alignment of the rail. It facilitates remarkably vehicle's track reinforcement mechanism to adjust the rail rapidly and precisely to the reference position.

The system is used during the rail renovation operation or in advance for measuring the rail position in order to plan maintenance operations or afterwards for inspecting the results of the work. Furthermore, the same system is utilized for manual rail inspection with a lightweight measurement trolley.

General features:

The Noptel laser alignment system is durable against heavy handling, vibrations and shocks, and furthermore, it stands varying environmental conditions from hot sunshine and disturbing sun glare to strong wind, fog, rain, snow and frost. Thanks to the high measurement speed (over 500 measurements / second) the system produces profile data enough for the curves of the track when it is used with the measurement coaches.

Moreover, the measurement speed is designed to meet the optimal speed/stability ratio for both measurement drive and working drive of the tamping machine providing the best possible accuracy for the measurement as well as long measurement distance for each drive.

Typical applications:

  • Measurement device for tamping machines and measurement coaches
  • Measurement of crane rails
  • Measurement of rail profile
PSM-200 TX-RX 2

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