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PSM-R / M2 displacement Sensors

PSM-R/2 Compact and lightweight PSM-R / M2 sensor is dedicated for long distance displacement measurement applications at outdoors. It comprises combined led transmitter and optoelectronic receiver, which measures the movement of the reflector attached onto the measurement target.

Depending on required accuracy and reflector type the sensor measures displacement, sway or deflection of the measurement target at a distance of up to 250 meters.


The casing of the PSM-R / M2 sensor is airtight, and therefore, it is applicable for outdoor use in harsh environmental conditions. The power is supplied typically into the sensor via USB port of the control PC. The sensor is mounted onto a tripod or to any special mechanical structure depending on the requirements and conditions at the measurement site.

4 prisms Typically as a reflector is used reflective tape or a plastic reflector. However, the measuring range can be enlarged and the measuring accuracy improved by using a prism or a group of four prisms as the reflector.


Measuring principle:

The operator directs the eye safe light beam onto the reflector and locks it in a steady position. The beam reflects from the reflector back to the receiver, which recognizes it and measures its position accurately up to 100 times per second.


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